The classical Chinese sequence is saber, staff, sword and spear. We recommend starting with simple short weapons because a combat kwan dao is 96 inches long and weighs 25 pounds. We sell kits of clothing, weapons, shoes, tools and accessories by martial art and level
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Note that pages about the bench as a weapon and as an adjunct to Iron Palm training are in the Shields section
Archery, Atatls and Javelins Bags and Covers Broadswords Butterfly wings
Cane Chain and rope whips Daggers Deer horn knives
Fan Flail Forks Halberds
Horse Blocking Knife Jo, Mace, Wand and Zhang Kama and Kusarigama Kwan Dao
Lau Gar staff Long Sword / Miao Dao Mandarin Coin Knives Mandarin Duck Hooks
Melon Hammers Meteor Hammer Monk's spade Monk's staff
Nine Point Rake Nine Teeth Sickles Nunchaku Optics
Oxhorn crutches Pins and Patches Police Arts Pu Dao
Racks Rope Dart Sabers Sai (Gen)
Shields and benches Spade - Gold Coin Sparring Gear Spear
Staff Sun Moon spear Sun Moon swords Sword
Tae Kuk Bear Tai Chi Ball Tai Chi Bang Tai Chi Bar
Tai Chi Chidu (long bang) Tai Chi Chih (ruler) Tassels Three section staff
Tiger head hook swords Tonfa Transporting Weapons Trident
Unicorn Horn Swords Unnamed Whip Whisk
Wind fire wheels and rings Wolf Teeth Mace Wushu Axes Yawara and Chizikundo 

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