Special Events
Upcoming 2016 events of general interest  
Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
January 9 and 10 - A workshop in Eugene Oregon teaching Nei Gong, push hands,
and double straight swords
January 14, 16 and 17 - Seattle - Old Frame, new Frame, Single Sword, Silk Reeling,
Cannon Fist and Push Hands.

May 28 to June 1 - Seattle - Light of Tai Chi
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang
His web site as of 4/20 says not traveling outside of China this year.
Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing
He taught in eight US cities in March and April. That is all that is listed
on his web site as of 4/20.
Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai
No mention of any US events on his web site as of 4/20.
Note: use his name plus taiji.com as the website name
Grandmaster Wang Xian
No mention on his web site as of 4/20 of any events outside of China this year.
Master Chen Bing
May 21 - Push Hands Workshop
see http://www.chenfamilytaiji.com and check special_events
Master Wang Hai-Jun
June 14-19 Easthampton,Massachusetts
- primary emphasis will be Cannon Fist.

He taught in Hillsborough, North Carolina; Baltimore and
Springfield Massachusetts in March.
He will be returning to the US in November.  
Master Chen Youze
seminars March 20 and 21.
He is the eldest son of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou, a three-time national
confrontational push-hands champion, a China National coach, and a competition
judge for China national wushu forms, weapons and Chen Style push hands.
He taught straight sword and push hands.

Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament was March 12 at the UC
Fieldhouse.  http://cmat.calwushu.com/
The Tiger Claws Elite Championships supported by The Tiger Claw Foundation at the South Hall of McEnery Convention Center (150 W San Carlos St. but closer to Market Street - the building is shown below) in San Jose - May 21-22. Registration closes May 8. Cheapest if you register by the end of March. http://www.kungfumagazine.com/info/tournament/
World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day April 30th http://worldtaichiday.org/
The Golden State Wushu Championships
and USAWKF National Team Trials (Modern and Traditional Wushu) will be
July 9th and 10th at Independence High School gym in San Jose. The event is
once again being sponsored by the good people at KungFuDirect.com. 
see http://www.gowushu.com

Northern California Japanese Sword Club Show
August 12-14
San Francisco Marriott Hotel see ncjsc.org/SF_token_kai.htm
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