Special Events
2014 events of general interest
March 22-23 Chen Family Style Taiji Quan seminar with Master Chen Youze who will be teaching Chen Style Lao Jia and applications in the morning, 8 energies drill and 5 patterns of Chen Taiji Push hand drills in the afternoon. Master Chen Youze is a 20th Generation Chen Family direct descendant and the eldest son of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou. He is a three-time national confrontational push-hands champion, a China National coach, and is competition judge for China national wushu forms, weapons and Chen Style push hands.
May 17 The Tiger Claws Elite Championships supported by The Tiger Claw Foundation at the South Hall of McEnery Convention Center 150 W San Carlos St. but closer to Market Street - the building is shown below) in San Jose
June 14-15 The Golden State Wushu Championships in San Jose. The event was once again sponsored by the good people at KungFuDirect.com.
June 16-19 Chen Family Style Taiji Quan Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei will teach a Light of Taichi Summer Camp at the Gold Coast (4000 W Flamingo Road) in Las Vegas. The agenda is Chen Taiji for Health and Wellness; 18 Essential Forms Routine; Lao Jia, Xin Jia; Push Hands - Five Training Methods and Applications; Standardized Taiji Etiquette, Teaching Methods and Theories.
June 20-22 Ohana 2014 hosted by the Kilohana Martial Arts Association and Pacific Jujitsu Alliance at the Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, California
July 5 - 11 Louisville, Kentucky 2nd International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium
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