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Presentation Title Audience Language Date
A Day in the Life Parents and students - the SAITO application at work English 01/2015
ABC School Parents Parents at ABC School English 04/2016
Amador and Calaveras Counties California General English 10/2021
Angel from Montgomery Parents - why everyone needs an anchor English 11/2014
ARMs Against Autism ARM Tech Conference English 06/2016
Arthrogryposis Wrist Exercises and Rulers International Tai Chi Science Conference English 12/2023
Attacking Autism - University of California at San Francisco Medical school faculty, physicians and students English 11/2013
Big Bets on Small Pairs Poker and autism genetics English 03/2017
Birds of the Sun General audience - Counting Arctic Terns and Other Concerns English 01/2014
Calaveras [a California county] Unified School District Board of Education, Parents and teachers English 02/2024
Calaveras [a county in California USA] Unified School District A request for more teachers from interested parties Chinese 02/2024
The Impact of California Budget shortfalls on school districts Politicians, Boards of Education, Parents and teachers English 03/2024
Cards on the Table Investors - Agatha Christie meets Hector Berlioz' Tarot English 10/2016
Computer Forensics - no need for law enforcement to seize hardware Congressman Mark DeSaulnier English 07/2021
Degrees of Freedom Parents and students - what to do after high school English 07/2014
Grip Rings Hand strengthening exercises English 03/2018
Inside Straight General audience - poker, Wuji sitting and standing English 04/2017
Light of Tai Chi 2015 Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan martial arts instructors English 06/2015
Light of Tai Chi 2015 video Under time pressure at Las Vegas English 06/2015
Looking Forward Smart glasses and smart software English 09/2015
The Mercutio Materials - A Plague on Both Their Houses Shakespeare, COVID, s-curves, genetics, epidemiology and vaccines English 12/2020
Mount Whitney hiking 2023 Climbing the highest mountain in California English 06/2023
New Zealand - Deeds Abide Inhabitants of New Zealand and gene sequencers English 05/2018
Point of Balance Weapons and their centroids English 05/2018
Rats of the Night General audience - The Dangers of Not Counting English 05/2014
Obtain the Optane Computer performance improvement English 05/2017
Regional Centers Social workers English 05/2015
SAITO screenshots from our application software English ongoing
Scaling Down Martial Arts Martial arts teachers and parents of people with autism  English 09/2014
Scaling Up an Ebola epidemic Mathematical modelling of the effects of a massive epidemic English 03/2014
Seizures - Telemetry during light rails trips to and from Oakland CA Parents and physicians who do or should suspect seizures English 09/2019
Sensors 2017 Convention and Expo  What we were looking for from vendors - San Jose CA English 06/2017
Shoes for the Cobbler's children Internet of things, smart devices and clouds to help aides English 01/2016
The Steps Ahead Reopening schools for in-person teaching despite COVID-19 English 06/2020
Summary of Suggestions and Answers to The Steps Ahead Responses to questions posed in The Steps Ahead English 06/2020
Who Dares to Teach Martial arts teachers, statisticians and psychometricians English 03/2015
Winds Sweeps Fallen Blossoms Embedded Systems Conference English 05/2017