For Investors - What will be taught and why  (continued)
A more or less neurotypical teenager in China today could attend a university and major in Tai Chi Chuan with the intent of being a professional athlete. Like many arts, Tai Chi Chuan has sets, which are standardized series of movements. Usually sets are characterized
by single person or two person and unarmed or with weapons. An American university bachelor's degree is far beyond the grasp of a young adult with autism. Thanks to one (so far) very compassionate institution we have an arrangement that requires competency (judged by professional judges using international standards) in eight sets for a bachelor's. The unarmed routines are known as 18 movements, Old Frame 1 (Lao Jia) and Xin Jia 1 (New Frame). The weapons routines  include maces (also known as batons), saber, sword, spear and staff. We have
added four Qigong routines and three Tai Chi tools: ball, ruler and bar. 

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