Genes and Genetics
Humans currently have about 24,000 protein-coding genes on 23 chromosome pairs and in mitochondrial DNA.
There are about 2,000 genes presently of interest to Silver Wolf Wushu. They are implicated in conditions like
autism (including Rett's and what was formerly known as Asperger's), ataxia, asthma, arthrogryposis, cerebral
palsy, various dementias and Down syndrome. Typically, a gene has a start sequence, triplets of nucleotides and
a stop sequence. Usually genes are described as having certain mutations - these take the form of nucleotide
changes that alter the resulting amino acid or misplaced start or stop codons. There can also be deletions and
repetitions as well as translocations (genes wind up on a different chromosome). Genes can be influenced by
other genes. In addition, there are jumping genes and pseudo-genes as well as epigenetic influences such as
methylization and histone modification that activate or de-activate genes. We are complicated.
In our particular case to fairly compare the progress (velocity of learning) of one student to other students
we insist the comparison must be between genetically similar students.
If you are disputing whether you or someone you know is disabled and the dispute is with a federal agency such
as the Social Security Administration or with a correponding state or county agency get the DNA sequencing
done and look up the genes here. It is likely we will be adding bibliographies of technical papers for each gene. One
major problem is the interpretation of genes and syndromes and mutations change over time. Not all online
databases (OMIM, GHL, GeneCards ...) agree and there are few descriptions of exact mutations.
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