Cost and Courses of Study
For students with special needs MediCare pays for tuition, clothing and equipment. Contact us for details.
Otherwise, costs are $200 per month for unlimited Chen family style tai chi chuan classes. 
If we raise rates in the future you will still pay $200.
We may have a used or even new karate or judo gi in your size, style and color.
If not, call Young's Trading Company in Oakland at 5705 Telegraph Ave at (510) 547-0121.
We note with sorrow that Brendan Lai Supply at 3581 Mission St. in San Francisco is closed
We've done a great deal of business with Wing Lam Enterprises in Santa Clara over the
years:  2354 Calle del Mundo (new)  408-226-1635 (
 If you are looking for videos, your first stop should be Plum Publications in Santa Cruz 
Please do NOT whine about how we did not warn you that martial arts video buying is very addictive.
Kung Fu Direct at 1292 Anvilwood Court, Sunnyvale is always worth a look
We have had mixed experiences with Martial Arts Mart ( They are part of Tiger Claws,
so the experience was all the more disappointing. We ordered some belts, a belt rack and embroidery on one belt.
The belt rack was of really shoddy construction - surprising as it had the Tiger Claw logo inscribed. Three of four
dowels had to have endpieces sanded down for length so the top and bottom were level; six of eight pegs did not
fit and had to be sanded or shimmed; and improper packing caused the bubblewrap grid to imprint into the
wood base. One belt was missing, which was soon cleared up with a phone call. The embroidery took 10 weeks
and 18 calls. After the second belt with someone else's name arrived we gave up. Janae Sanwa, if you are out
there, we have your belt. Steven B. Johnson, we mailed yours back to Martial Arts Mart - we hope you got it.
Besides photos, the Weapons page (after Xing Yi below) has links about transporting, bags, covers, flags and tassles.
Comments of costs of uniforms and weapons and well as sample curricula:
 For autistic students a college degree in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan click here
 For cerebral palsy students a college degree in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan click here
 For Danzan Ryu judo click here
 For Shorinjin Ryu karate click here
 For Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan click here - also spelled Taiji
 For Hung Gar weapons click here
 For Shaolin weapons click here
 For Bagua Chuan weapons click here - also spelled Pa Kua
 For Xing Yi Chuan weapons click here
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