Weapons - Pu Dao  樸刀
Other names:  horse cutting knife (zhanmadao), General Chai Yang long-handled knife, long hilt broadsword, nagamaki (Japanese), hyeopdo (Korean), Bandit Knife
Versions taught: Hung Gar (Grandmaster Wing Lam); Shaolin (Grandmaster Wing Lam, Shi Deyang)
Recommendations: learn saber and staff first. Cost: varies from $60 to $130 or more. The very picturesque model (7 pounds, combat steel!) on the right has, alas, so far been out of stock at Wing Lam Enterprises during 2013.
Ted Mancuso's book and DVD  about this weapon (The Bandit Knife: Kung Fu's Rebellious Weapon) is available at www.plumpub.com - worth one's while.

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