Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan 
intermediate level training kit
double wushu sabers with scabbard and flags
double wushu swords with scabbard and tassels
replacement batons (2) - rattan, red and black or oak
wushu spear and wushu spear
tai chi bang - straight
cool wrap - scarf style for the head
bag for spear and staff
bag for sabers and swords
black leather shoes
black t-shirt with Silver Wolf Wushu logo
black cotton semiformal clothing (top and pants)
wooden rack for short weapons
DVD with lessons for Lao Jia set, Xin Jia Set, single saber set, single sword set, staff set, spear set, Da Wu Qigong Exercises, straight tai chi bang exercises, Yi Jin Jing Qigong exercises and Shi Er Duan Jin Qigong exercises. 

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