For Investors - travel

We would expect to entertain distinguished guests and might need to
make arrangements to pick them up at the airport.
In addition, it is likely the school will participate in the annual Tai Chi
Day which has been held in San Jose the last several years.
The Golden State Wushu and Tiger Claws tournaments have been held
every year in San Jose. The UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament
(affectionately call CMAT, a witty pun on 'see mat') has been held on campus
for more than 20 years. These are all one day affairs. It is possible we would
arrange to travel to other schools or to particularly scenic locations such as
Muir Woods, the Golden Gate bridge or the Pacific coast.
More ambitious would be something like Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei's
multi-day Light of Tai Chi seminar which will be held again in Las Vegas.
It would be simpler to have the Grandmaster visit or move this rather
popular event. Similarly, master Tony Wong hosts a fair number of
touring masters and grandmasters for events in the San Mateo-Santa Clara.
If not possible to schedule an additional event at our school it might be
worthwhile to travel. Lastly, we have to consider an excursion to China
to Chenjiagou (the fabled Chen Family village) and the Wudang Mountains.
This sort of trip would involve considerable logistical support.

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