Technology, Clothing and Uniforms
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Clothing depends on the course of study, environment (temperature, indoors or not ...) and occasion. 
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For Chinese arts class dress is more varied and can range from informal (whatever the student has on)
to formal silks and shoes. Loose lightweight pants, preferably with a drawstring or elastic waist,
are preferred. The primary concerns are that hips and thighs move freely, and that kicks and steps are not limited by
ankle fabric constrictions. Shorts are usually acceptable, although they do allow an opponent to read intention based
on the movement of one's knees. Any comfortable athletic shoe may be worn. A t-shirt is common. With long sleeves
care should be taken that the shoulders, elbows and wrists can move freely. As cooler weather permits and the event
demands, the traditional black cotton pants and full black jacket with white button loops can be worn. There are four
choices for shoes: regular athletic shoes; kung fu shoes with cloth soles, so-called kung fu boots and kung fu shoes with
reddish-brown plastic soles. There is a link to a picture of these three types of footwear at the lower right. They are
just a few dollars. Tai chi exhibitors do not typically wear sashes. The most formal of events usually merit silk or
satin tops and pants. There is a separate page about weapons ornamentation. For all students who wear eyeglasses
elastic glass guards are advised. Wearing a necklace, especially when doing judo, is not a good idea. Long hair, large
earrings and necklaces tend to provide accessible high-value targets for your opponent. Of concern is that other chain
jewelry such as bracelets or anklets can fly off and break or strike someone. The need to look glamorous when
practicing fighting for one's life is appreciated, but some thought should be given to the consequences of striking
near someone else's face while you are wearing a bracelet as well as what happens if an opponent grabs your
bejewelled wrist. To an extent, rings are equally double-edged. Your treasured heirloom can have a gemstone
cracked or tear across an opponent's formerly handsome visage.  Judo and,to a greater extent, karate, are pretty
tough on fingernails. We sell kits of clothing, weapons, shoes, tools and accessories by martial art and level
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