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coming soon SAITO Seizure telemetry analysis  
09/09/2019 SAITO DNA sequencing vendors, panels and genes click here
08/04/2019 SAITO Brainwave (electroencephalograph) data processing click here
07/19/2019 SAITO support for synonyms of genes click here
06/10/2019 SAITO Oximeters for students click here
05/22/2019 SAITO Environmental milieu measurement devices -  
  monitoring humidity, temperature, oxygen during class click here
04/17/2019 SAITO changes for mouthguards click here
03/26/2019 SAITO changes for houseplants as an oxygen source click here
02/14/2019 SAITO compare SPARK genes to HEIKI genes click here
01/16/2019 SAITO Exports for Student Movements and other data click here
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