Shorinjin Karate belt rank requirements
White belt 2013: Written plan with identification, parents(s) phones and email; medical notes; Vision - eyeglasses or
contacts; payment of dues; physician name and city and phone; gi, pants and belt optional but highly recommended
Yellow belt 2013: Calisthenics and exercises per the video; Dojo etiquette and protocols; first 10 yewara schemes
Green belt 2013: pinyan 1 and 2; plus the remaining yewara schemes
Belts with stripes below indicate participation in the supplemental weapons curriculum. This is optional.
Green belt with stripe 2013: add Shorinjin Yewara and tonfa katas
Blue belt 2013: pinyan 3 and 4
Blue belt with stripe 2013: add Shorinjin Jo and sai katas
Brown belt 2013: pinyan 5 and jujitsu dance
Brown belt with stripe 2013: add Shorinjin nunchaku (includes double nunchaku) and kama katas. 
Black belt shodan 2013: first sacred dance; Shorinjin schemes; dojo management;  Shorinjin bo kata plus one of
(note: these are all standard staff = eyebrow height) - Five Tigers Staff (Shaolin); Shaolin Staff; Bagua staff; Xing Yi staff
Tai chi staff (Chen style); Six Harmonies staff
Black belt nidan 2013: second sacred dance; First Aid and two of - Six Harmonies Saber; Shaolin Saber; Xing Yi Saber;
 Tai Chi (Chen style) saber; Soldier's Saber (Hung Gar); Tai Chi (Chen Style) Double Sabers; Bagua Big Saber
Black belt sandan 2013: third sacred dance; Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); and two of - Shaolin Sword;
Tai Chi (Chen style) Sword; Six Harmonies Sword; Twin Flying Dragons Double Swords; Tai Chi (Chen style) double
Sword; Bagua Straight Sword; Xing Yi Straight Sword
Black belt yodan 2013: pinyan 6; Shorinjin sword schemes; seikufujitsu massage; Two section staff (flail) kata
Black belt godan 2013: First Shorinjin Sword kata; Koppo revival techniques; Three Section Staff kata; one of -
Shaolin spear; Six Harmonies spear; Bagua spear; Xing Yi spear; Tai Chi (Chen style) spear
Black belt rokudan 2013: Second Shorinjin Sword kata; Pu dao; Lau Gar (long staff); Hook Blade Spear
Black belt nandan 2013: Shaolin Double Daggers; General Chai Yang Long Handled Knife (Hung Gar); Tengu
swordsmanship; one of Shaolin Kwan Dao; Tai Chi (Chen Style) Kwan Dao
Black belt hachidan 2013: Shaolin Cane kata;  Southern Tiger Trident; Double Snake Hook Swords; pinyan 7
Black belt kyudan 2013: Tai Chi Wind Fire Wheels; Tai Chi fan; Bagua Deer horn knives; pinyan 8
Black belt judan 2013: Shorinjin double spear; Shorinjin quadruple (double double) spear; five two person sets with a common weapon (example: staff against staff, spear, sword, saber and double kama)
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