Employment Opportunities
In 2020 we will be looking for teachers and aides. We will likely be looking for nurse-practitioners, cooks and managers at some point. Send a short document (.txt, .doc, .docx or .pdf) to info@silverwolfwushu.com. What we are interested in
1. martial arts training - especially Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan. Art, style, sets, teacher, years.
2. martial arts teaching experience.
   For #1 and #2 we will NOT contact anyone you mention without explicit permission
  we are willing to train you - and it is possible to earn collegiate degrees (BA and MA).
    WARNING: Tai Chi Chuan, especially Chen Family style, is NOT the easiest art to learn.   
 3. special education teaching experience
 4. teaching experience 
 5. first aid experience - can be sports medicine; CPR; American Red Cross lifesaving; EMT ...
 6. experience as an aide or caregiver or family member - can be with a senior or someone with special needs  
 7. any books or articles you have written 
 8. if you are active on social media - a quick summary and some links   
 9. There are usually a fair percentage of students who are hyper-sensitive to air quality, the class is pretty uptempo and
the logistics of smoking are complicated (for us), so tobacco and vaping and all that is pretty much a deal-breaker.
10. If you have one or more disabilities - even tough ones like ataxia or seizures - we MAY be able to finesse around them.
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