Getting started           
The website has gotten a bit sprawling, and the blog gets written when we have something to
say, so it is not very tightly organized either. We are working on webpages in other languages 
which will likely make the website more confusing. We suggest sending an email to and scheduling a visit to the last class of the day. You should plan
on being ignored until the class is over. Or send an email to make an appointment after
teaching hours. We are willing to do video chats using Facebook, Zoom or equivalent. The
material we teach and the technologies we use are not for everyone. That said, we are very
If you are serious
1. Email your doctor and mention that you are considering enrolling in a class. You may wish  
to send the following link
2. we will ask about allergies, seizures, triggers, undesirable behaviors and medications. If  
you do NOT wish to answer that is fine with us. We report no medical data to anyone. Period.
3. We strongly prefer not to have to schedule medications during class.
4. We strongly prefer that students wear wrist-mounted biosensors in class so we can track
blood pressure, heartbeat and temperature. If someone ever invents a reasonably priced,
reliable and non-invasive blood glucose sensor we'll use that also. Our aim is to preempt
seizures and overheating. Our usual protocol is to seat the student, give some cool liquids and
make available Cool Wraps.
5. We do not mind accommodating dark glasses and noise blockers. Just let us know.
6. We suggest a whole exome DNA test - there are more than 900 genes implicated in the
autism spectrum alone. We are currently interested in about 2600 genes (out of 24,000 protein
-coding genes) - we use the information to anonymously compare the learning rates among
similar students and to assign personalized homework.  
If you do NOT wish to share the DNA data, that is fine with us.
7. If the student is absent or late, expect an email and a call from us. Likewise, if a student
leaves early or in different transportation than usual, expect an email and a call from us.
8. You are welcome to visit any time during class - we suggest emailing to confirm we will
not be taking a trip (unlikely until the COVID situation changes) or some such.
9. There will be periodic formal exhibitions - it would be great if you attend. We do film them.
Given the COVID situation, it seems unlikely we will be performing before a live audience
any time soon.
10. We also host special seminars by distinguished martial arts experts - usually on weekends. 
Given the COVID situation, it seems unlikely that there will be physical in-person visits.
11. We typically assign personalized homework exercises. Support getting the student to do
these is appreciated
12. We provide our HERON software for free. Currently, it is in English and runs on Windows
HERON is useful for tracking food consumed, sleep, medications and behaviors. 
13. Parents and interested parties will be emailed the day's scores. The scores can be used to
quantitatively analyze changes in sleep, diet, medications and so on. If the Tai Chi scores go up
whatever change you made was likely correct.
14. If you have an IEP or IBP please bring it so we can use any accommodations
15. Please contact any social services agency that is involved. In California that is typically a
Regional Center - in other states it may be a state, county, city or private agency. They will
likely want to know what we are doing. We will ask permission from you to bill them.
Tuition and supplies should be free to you, although modifying the IEP or IBP may require
a meeting.
16. Usually, the daily needs are clean white socks and maybe a shirt. You are welcome to send
a week's worth at a time.  For questions email Click the next link
17. We are awaiting clarification from the State of California about testing requirements
(our preference is daily antibody testing; currently as of 10/1/2023 no testing required); any
 limitations on serving food (usually our individualized Eight Treasures porridge) and masks
(currently as of 10/1/2023 no masks or distancing required).
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