Changes for COVID-19
Tai Chi Chuan as an art has more or less survived many epidemics already. In the
so-called 'normal 90%' of a general human population COVID has a lethality (kill rate) of
between one percent (1%) and two percent (2%) so far. But the impact of COVID on the
remaining population of some 750,000,000 people world-wide has been very poorly
studied. Here are changes and comments by topic with a last update date.
Topic Link Last update
DNA - whole exome testing click here  
Packing for class click here  
Traveling to and from class click here
Entering the school click here  
Clothing, shoes and socks click here  
Tools and Weapons  click here  
Seminars  click here  
Special events   click here  
COVID Testing - PCR and antibody click here  
Vaccinations and boosters click here  
What to do if you do not feel well   click here  

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