About Us
We NEVER compromise the technical integrity of the material we teach merely
because a student has relatively uncommon DNA. How we teach varies.
Our motto is Facere Scire est (Latin: to do is to know)
That means no one in the extended Chen family cares about how much
melanin a student was born with, what creed the student espouses or
what language a student speaks. All that matters is how well the student
does Old Frame Road 1.
Tai Chi Chuan is a life-long study and the art itself is both sophisticated
and complicated. Nevertheless, we teach all of what we know without
reservations. The pace at which material is introduced or refined is slower
that would likely be encountered in a class of neurotypical people due to
higher frequencies of repetition. But there are no secrets or special
knowledge taught only to initiates. That said, we currently have no plans
to teach the two competition forms - 42 Movements and 56 Movements -
nor fan nor Fajin 42. We offer optional classes in a number of sets from Xing
Yi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Northern Shaolin, Hung Gar because we feel
strongly that these are very fine arts worthy of study.
Instructor biographies and school accreditations coming soon
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