Weapons - Saber  刀
Other names:  broadsword. Technically, the weapon most often taught in Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan is an ox-tailed saber (Niuweidao - 牛尾刀). Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai is shown using two ox-tailed sabers with his usual effortless grace (below left). Bagua has a very distinctive saber (center). We currently teach four other sabers -  shown below right is the goose-wing saber.
Versions taught: Hung Gar single (Grandmaster Wing Lam); Shaolin single and double (Grandmaster Wing Lam); Bagua (Eight Trigram Grandmistress Li Chun Ling); Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan single and double (Grandmaster Cheng Zhenglai); Xing Yi Chuan single (Grandmaster Di Guoyong); Mei Shan Plum Mountain  Hacking Saber single and double (Yan Xi Zheng); and Ming Dao (Liang Hong Xuan). There are also four two-person sets featuring saber against spear, sword, staff and another saber. 
Recommendations: learn at least one short weapon first. Cost: varies from $20 for wood and from $40 to $80
for a simple single steel blade.  Where possible we recommend buying or making a scabbard. The goose wing saber is $55; the bagua $70 and up; double sabers with one scabbard are $90 if they are in stock.

New for 2018 - a survey on the usage of Ghost Head saber  click here
New for 2018 - a survey on the usage of Goose Wing saber  click here

For some experiments with using Zhan Ma Dao, Goose Wing saber and Ghost Head saber blades on long handles as alternatives to the Pu Dao or Kwan Dao blades   click here

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