Weapons - Saber  刀
Other names:  broadsword. Technically, the weapon most often taught in Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan is an ox-tailed saber (Niuweidao - 牛尾刀). Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai is shown using two ox-tailed sabers with his usual effortless grace (below left). Bagua has a very distinctive saber (center). We currently teach four other sabers -  shown below right is the goose-wing saber.
Versions taught: Hung Gar single (Grandmaster Wing Lam); Shaolin single and double (Grandmaster Wing Lam); Bagua (Eight Trigram Grandmistress Li Chun Ling); Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan single and double (Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai); Xing Yi Chuan single (Grandmaster Di Guoyong); Mei Shan Plum Mountain  Hacking Saber single and double (Yan Xi Zheng); and Ming Dao (Liang Hong Xuan). There are also four two-person sets featuring saber against spear, sword, staff and another saber. 
Recommendations: learn at least one short weapon first. Cost: varies from $20 for wood and from $40 to $80
for a simple single steel blade.  Where possible we recommend buying or making a scabbard. The goose wing saber is $55; the bagua $70 and up; double sabers with one scabbard are $90 if they are in stock.

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