Current status: September 8, 2016
Coding and testing of the manual grading forms is complete. For a
couple of SAITO screenshots and some comments click here
We have been in e-communication with the nice folks at Sensoria in
Seattle. We will see what they have to say about preliminary designs for
our smart garments to embed location (xyz coordinates) sensors in. The
pilot garments of tops, pants and Pi Sha (=shawls or veils) have been
made in China and have cleared outbound customs in Hong Kong.
We are hoping for delivery before mid-September.
Future directions
After some earnest appeals from a psychologist whose efforts we
esteem, we have agreed to rework some the reward features in SAITO.
We are testing the teleprompter functions in SAITO by recording actual
lessons. If all goes well, we will post the recordings to the internet.
We are thinking about how to attach sensors to weapons.
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