Projects Audience
1.  Hadamar Measuring a society's weakness by the velocity at which it kills the disabled
2. Heron Recording data when the student is not in class
  2.1  Android smart phone version  coming soon
   2.2  Windows desktop version  
   2.3  iPad version  coming soon
   2.4  iPhone version coming soon
3. SAITO Backoffice software for operating a martial arts school
Accelerometers Head sway and balance
Air Quality (indoors)     
Capillary oxygen saturation (SPO2) Fingertip oximetry
Blood pressure  
Blues blockers (lenses) For students sensitive to glare and some frequencies of light
Body temperature  
Bruxism (grinding the teeth)  
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Seizures
Fingertip reader (biometrics) Attendance
Global Positioning System (GPS) Location of the student
Hand Grip strength  
Humidity (indoors)  
Location (x y z coordinates)  
Oxygen Perfusion Fingertip oximetry
Pressure sensors feet and hips
Room Temperature  
Ultraviolet light (A and B)  
Water Quality