Current thinking on smart glasses August 25, 2016
There are all sorts of logistical problems with the oldest method of teaching:
the teacher practices and the students try to imitate. Maybe the teacher
walks around and makes corrections. A great leap forward was mounting
large mirrors on one or more walls. That scheme does not translate well
at home. We strongly believe projecting multiple reversed images of a
grandmaster on multiple walls - say one image every 10 or 20 feet around
the perimeter is superior. An alternative or supplement that intrigues us
is projecting one recording of the grandmaster on one lens of a pair of
smart glasses and projecting a live stream of the student on the other lens.
We are exploring various smart glasses - it is not obvious yet if students will
tolerate something on their heads, if the glasses are rugged enough, and
if the glasses provide better teaching. We expect cost may loom as an issue.
In terms of connectivity we want to have the glasses accessible either by
a server or a hub as opposed to linked by a smartphone.
At the moment we suspect that the ski versions (below right) are too heavy
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