Technical Resumés
  Curriculum vitae
  51 years of experience - I prefer to work on applications as opposed to networks or operating systems
  Microsoft languages and operating systems since PC-DOS (1981); Windows since Windows 3.0 (1987)
  I currently work in Windows 7 and 10 environments using Visual, C++, and C#
  I had some fluency in MASM, FoxPro, Pascal, InterDev and HTML editors like FrontPage and Expression
  I am reasonably competent at Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  I usually do my own database administration and write my own SQL 
  The most prolific contributor to the Intel App Store in terms of applications and lines of code 
  I am a very aggressive user of multi-threading in mathematical and statistical calculations
  I worked on IBM mainframes for 25 years
  Fluent in COBOL and IBM Assembler but mediocre at PL/1 and RPG
  Full knowledge of Superzap, JCL, SPUFI, TSO and IBM utilities
  Very facile with abend dumps 
  Systems level DBA experience with IMS and DB2 including consulting at IBM (ask me about SMU)
  Principal author - Boole and Babbage's Data Set Optimizer product 
 I periodically give speeches about aspects of my work I think of interest. I am persistent about quality.  
 I do not especially enjoy raising my voice and particularly dislike firing people 
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