Technical Resumés
  Curriculum vitae
  How I prefer to do application or system quality assurance
  I was an editor and contributor on the IEEE Software Engineering
  Standards Subcommitte for over 20 years so I have some preferences.
  1. start with a user manual - web pages, PDF or printed. I prefer products like RoboHelp and Dr. Explain
 2. Maintain an internal document store of related materials 
 3. Record scripts of any user interfaces (clicks, text being typed ...) using something like Selenium 
 4. I tend to e-publish the unit test scripts I will be using so no surprises for the applications coders  
 5. Then integration testing if there are interfaces with other system components 
 6. then a regression test against whatever is running - I prefer the results here get compared automatically  
 7. High volume performance testing if applicable 
 8. What can be called device mode testing - different browsers and hardware (iPhone, iPad, Android ...) 
 9. then a turnover to production and a follow-up that what should have been installed was installed  
 10. Updating an anomaly tracking system throughout this. No secrets. 
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