Location sensors status: August 25, 2016
Initially, students will be learning 18 movements, batons, Lao Jia and
single saber. There's a fair amount of other material learned, but only
the canonical sets are currently expected to be graded on a daily basis.
As students progress more sets will be added to the daily routine.
Since it takes about as long to grade a set as it does to perform it, there
are formidable challenges. We attempted to analyze existing video of a
grandmaster but soon realized it would be necessary to re-record a
grandmaster with location sensors on. As there are sixteen sets this is
a task we would prefer to do just once. One idea we tried (and have not
completely abandoned) is to teach using color-coded accessories so
the teacher can say 'move red' instead of 'move right foot' - early results
indicate a significant number of students have problems with left and
right. These sports sleeves from Suddora are supposed to wick away
perspiration and keep arms cool. Can lots of NBA players be wrong?
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