Cheng style Bagua Zhang
intermediate level training kit
staff - longer and thicker than eyebrow height
long sword and scabbard
double-headed spear (too long for this picture)
big broadsword (53" tip to tip) and scabbard (not shown)
judge's pens to replace batons (2)
wind-fire wheels (2)
cool wrap - scarf style for the head
bag for the weapons
wooden rack for long weapons
black leather shoes 
dark blue t-shirt with Silver Wolf Wushu logo
black cotton semiformal clothing (top and pants)
8" by 11" poster of Grandmistress Li ChunLing
DVD with lessons for Staff set, Big Broadsword set, Long Sword set and Double-headed Spear set as well as 28 Foundation Exercises, Walking, Bone Breathing (Xi Hu Gu), Marrow Washing (Xi Sui Jing) and Tian Gan.

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