For Investors - buying clothing and shoes

In Japanese martial arts one traditionally wore an all-white gi with a belt. In some arts,
notably aikido, the teacher might wear a black hakama instead of pants. It is not
uncommon to see black, red and blue gis now.  
As can be seen in the brochure and flyer and throughout the Silver Wolf Wushu web
pages, Tai Chi Chuan dancers favor colorful silk outfits for most formal exhibitions.
It is typical for grandmasters - both at home and when touring - to wear formal silks
when teaching.
Usually, the each class chooses their silks - these can range from monotones to a
single color with trim to abstract patterns involving phoenix, dragons and flowers.
We usually manage to save 30% to 40% off single outfit orders when we order as
a class, school or group of schools.   
Classically, white or black shoes have been preferred, but now the range of shoe hues
has expanded dramatically so we might well see classes ordering colorful footwear.


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