For Investors - logistics for starting and ending class

In the entry at least one pair of biometric fingertip readers
(below) so attendance is verified and so we need not tally by
hand. Students pick up an empty water bottle with their photo,
name and locker number attached. Lockers also have names
and photos as well as numbers. In the locker room will be a
bulletin board with pictures of the suggested clothing, shoes
and weapons for the day. During class students can get water
at any time. We will likely offer an herbal tea (warm or cool
depending on the season) as well as plain cool water. At the
end of class students can ask for a towel. Used towels and
shirts to be laundered go into the separate containers. At the
end of the session students return the water bottles and sign
out using the fingertip readers. We log drinks, snacks, showers
and attendance and email parents daily.   

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