For Investors - Introduction (continued)
After 17 or more years of very expensive schooling and enormous amounts of powerful drugs, thousands of young adults are produced with no goals, few abilities, usually severe allergies, strong tendencies to get diabetes, heart disease, strokes and dementia twenty years earlier than normal, and often a damaged or destroyed family. If one measures how strong a city, county, state or country is by how it treats its weakest, this is a very disappointing situation.

We would like to measure (in increasing importance):
1) less falls and spills due to better balance and coordination
2) increased personal safety
3) reduced medical costs
4) later onsets for diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and dementia
5) weight loss, improved muscle tone and better cardiovascular condition
6) improved communications between people with autism and both their peers and their families
7) attainable educational goals, namely achievement-oriented college degrees
8) assertion of a statistical anchorpoint which can be used to evaluate changes in sleep, diet, medications and other aspects of daily life.
9) A student, alone or in a group, can use his or her dancing to communicate.

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