For Investors - Introduction
We will be teaching a particular Chinese martial art to people with autism with the expectations that the students will be healthier, their families will find working toward the goal of a college degree fulfilling, and that the daily scores will provide a quantitative basis to evaluate changes in sleep, diet and medications. We wish to use cameras with innovative software to determine if there is a correlation between various movements and emotions. As scoring each set for each student on a daily basis is labor-intensive, we would like to explore using the cameras and their software to analyze postures as well. Were such an analysis feasible, it would have applications in a number of other sports. Our curriculum material makes intensive use of video, but is language-independent, so translating lesson plans and obtaining teachers is all that is required to expand to other countries. Estimates vary from 4 to 12 million people with autism in the United States and well over 150 million world-wide. We are looking for

1. a few borrowed cameras and technical help with the camera software
2. a short-term loan (six months; $30,000) to get the first school built out.
3. if someone has a small building we could lease with an option to buy it would make our lives somewhat simpler 

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Detailed results we are looking for