Weapons - Bags and covers
It is sometimes necessary to transport weapons to class, an exhibition, a competition or an examination.
There are two objectives: to move the weapons without them being scratched, bent or damaged AND to do so
discretely. Perhaps BART, the San Francisco Bay Area light rail, and the various bus systems would be cleaner and safer if many people carried sabers, but at present carrying wushu weapons would attract a great deal of unwelcome attention. Even when using a private vehicle hauling a naked kwan dao around creates safety challenges inside the vehicle and would likely fascinate nearby drivers and traffic control officers. So, should the need arise, the student is advised to select a non-descript bag which can completely cover the weapons. and which has some sort of baffles to prevent scabbards or blades from banging into each other. The black bag shown below left is from Seven Stars Trading Company near Washington DC. A very fancy Japanese bag to the top right. The blue bag at the bottom is reasonably priced ($25) and even cheaper without all the pockets
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