We will be looking to hire full- or part-time aides.
There are two distinct groups of students: up to age 21 and over 21.
We are confirming that a fingerprint check and a tuberculosis test
test will be required to work with the younger group. We currently
do NOT believe these requirements apply to working with adults.
Duties would include showing up a few minutes before students start
arriving; being clean and sober; making sure your students get the 
correct water bottle; verifying that they changed into the right clothes;
and helping your students find their assigned chairs. When class ends
duties will include collecting the water bottles; overseeing changing
back to street clothes and accompanying to transportation. If students
came with personal electronics (an iPad or a phone, for example)
note this before class and verify that they have it when leaving.
During a two hour class there will likely be two breaks for water at
thirty and ninety minutes as well as a snack (usually apple slices) at 60
minutes. Students usually need accompaniment and sometimes
assistance with getting water, washing hands and going to the lavatory.
We are not sure at this time if any students will be showering after class.
During class you would be encouraged to do all the exercises. The
instructor(s) may have occasional requests for assistance, but we expect
these to be rare. We are working out protocols for exceptional events:
fighting, fainting, seizures, vomiting, bleeding and non-compliance.
We pay extra for tai chi and nursing certifications. Four Chen Family
style Tai Chi certifications and you can start to teach. If you work more
than 20 hours per week we provide medical insurance. 
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